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Restore your property’s attractiveness (while ensuring its long-term durability).

Two decades of experience in successfully completing waterproofing and masonry restoration projects with residential property owners and managers throughout the Greater Boston area have earned Statewide a reputation for quality and cost-efficiency. Personalized service, careful attention to detail, rigorous adherence to budgetary concerns and timely project completion guide our work on your behalf.

As guests at your property, our craftsmen maintain a friendly, respectful manner toward residents and take pains to minimize noise and disruption. All methods and materials employed by Statewide RM are consistent with EPA rules and regulations.

Our principals, Kieran and John Fitzgibbon, take personal responsibility for every assignment we undertake and maintain an on-the-job-presence through project completion. Your needs and suggestions are always given the utmost consideration.

Statewide RM shares a close relationship with technical leaders in waterproofing and masonry restoration to stay current in every aspect of our craft. Our “Approved Applicator” designation from leading manufacturers enables us to provide you with the security of an extended warranty for selected applications.

As a matter of policy, we of course carry comprehensive disability insurance and an umbrella worker’s compensation policy for all Statewide RM employees. At your request we are pleased to work with your engineering consultants and provide appropriate performance and payment bonds. Statewide RM is a fully licensed contractor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.