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Scope of Work
• Repointing and waterproofing 8,000 square feet of the building envelope
• Sealing, caulking and painting 180 windows
• Replacing 90 pre-cast sills and lintels

Statewide strictly adhered to regulations of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Statewide Principals Are On the Job, Too

Classic good looks and a peerless location offer no protection against decades of punishing New England weather.

“For a brick-built structure dating from the World War I era, Barrington Court is in excellent shape,” said Barrington Court Manager Dwight Johnson of Thayer and Associates, “but periodic maintenance always makes good sense. A modest amount of water penetration through the building façade told us it was time to take a proactive restoration approach.”

After a comprehensive evaluation with Gorman-Richardson Architects to gain a better understanding of the condition of the overall structure, a restoration team was assembled. Statewide RM was chosen because of its “fine work” replacing some crumbling mortar that was causing leakage, Johnson said.

Virtually the entire rear façade of the property was fully restored. Repointing, along with replacement of pre-cast lintels and sills, plus sealing and painting of windows, rounded out the project.

Unprecedented Involvement

Johnson was impressed not only with Statewide’s work, but with the level of involvement of company principals.

“It’s unprecedented to have company owners involved in a job like Barrington Court on a daily basis,” Johnson said. “They’re always available and maintain an excellent level of communication with me. Close monitoring of the work ensures that the complexities that invariably crop up in dealing with historic structures like Barrington Court are properly managed.”

“We like to take a hand in all of our projects,” explained Statewide President Kieran Fitzgibbon, who directed technical operations with his brother, John, while up on the scaffolding with their crew.

“Statewide met all our expectations,” added Neil Rouleau, a building envelope specialist at Gorman-Richardson Architects. “They were proactive, disciplined, fair and balanced, and really easy to work with.”