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Scope of Work

• Full deck rebuilding
• Waterproofing
• Railing replacement
• Concrete repair and replacement
• Pedestrian walkway repair
• Parking area sealing

Staging for balconies and controlling dust while working five stories above street level. Restoring a condominium where maintenance had been deferred.

Deferred Maintenance Creates Restoration Challenge

At Park Terrace, a mid-rise, multi-building condominium in Stoneham, a variety of exterior structural repairs were slated as part of a capital improvement project.

Deferred maintenance of 83 balconies and associated areas led to a professional engineering analysis, including a technical examination of balcony structures. Based on a recommendation from Structures North Consulting Engineers, Inc., full deck rebuilding, waterproofing and railing replacement began as part of a phased plan. Work was completed over a period of about six months.

Absolutely High Quality
“Statewide RM followed specifications and plans and did a super job,” according to Senior Vice President Dwight Johnson of Thayer & Associates, Inc. “They ‘hit the ground running,’ met or exceeded schedules, kept to their pricing and handled special situations fairly. The work is dirty and demanding, but they’re real gentlemen and their work is absolutely high quality.”

With balconies reaching five stories above street level, full staging and dust containment were “an absolute requirement.” Concrete repair and replacement, urethane waterproofing, pedestrian walkway repair and parking area sealing were also part of the project.

“Statewide RM’s technical prowess and workmanship are outstanding,” according to Ed Moll of Structures North. “Tell them once and they execute perfectly and follow through all the way.”

Thanks to Statewide RM’s high level of craftsmanship and timely project completion, recently restored and refinished balconies have regained their original structural integrity. New balcony railings were installed to meet Massachusetts building code requirements. Aesthetic deck coatings and color-coordinated, galvanized railings make the property more attractive, while enhancing resident comfort, safety and property value.